machete - twin hairloom claw white


Twin Hairloom Claws - White

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Located in Atlanta, Georgia, MACHETE is a line of eco-conscious, affordable jewelry & accessories for everyday wear. MACHETE is frequently featured with Vogue, Bazaar, Instyle, Atelier Doré and throughout publications worldwide. The cellulose acetate & bio-acetate they source is high quality and non-petroleum based. Cellulose acetate and bio-acetate are natural and renewable materials, providing an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based materials. Jennifer J Matchett, Founder, Designer and Creative Director of MACHETE, graduated with a degree in Art History from Gainesville, Florida and currently works alongside her husband and their small team in Atlanta area.

Two is better than one with our made-to-last pair of Twin Heirloom Claws. Double-walled and hand-screwed for long-lasting construction and extra adorable in an even smaller size. 

  • Comes as a SET OF 2
  • Measures: 1.75 inches wide x 1.375 long / 4.5cm wide x 3.5cm long
  • Italian Acetate
  • Stainless Steel Hardware