Sunglass Strap - Green Multi Simple

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HIITU is an intercultural project with focus on design and handcrafts. The maternal roots of the brand’s founders Carlotta and Rosalie Cramer-Klett derive from this tribe. This heritage is the inspiration for the brand and its pursuit of synergy among humans as well as between humans and nature through creativity. Founded in 2015, the sister’s joint project is driven by their passion for design, craftsmanship and culture and leads them to seek out the most skilled artisans and manufacturers around the world. The result of these collaborations are fairly traded, high quality products with their very own multifaceted HIITU aesthetic.

These handy sunglass straps will hold your glasses securely around your neck so you never lose your favourite pair of glasses again! They are hand-braided under fair conditions from metallic thread - a material often used for caftan decorations. Each piece is a North African piece of art.

Total length: 65 cm
Material: 100% metallic thread