Rush - Pulse Point Oil

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Among the Flowers has been a transformation of Megan Taber's lifestyle, years in the making. After giving birth to her first son and her newly arrived responsibility for a new life she started to study the ingredients in every household and body products. In this she learned how everyday items are damaging to our health. Her goal was to change our home environment and improve what were bodies are exposed to. The ingredients used in the Among the Flowers offerings are simple, focused, and stripped of the unnecessary. What they deliver is a positive effect on the body through concentrated enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, antibacterial antimicrobial compounds and more. These active plant based nutrients are left in their natural state and deliberately made in small batches so all products are free of synthetic preservatives. The products are perishable and will sustain better in refrigeration. 

Velvet petals, delicate resins, grounding heartwood and soft blankets of vanilla gently absorb and morph into the skin, a personal reflection of love opening. When applied to your pulse points, the grounding, and stress alleviating properties of the ingredients absorbs into the bloodstream aided by the warmth of your blood. 

Each bottle of the completely natural perfume is hand-blended and poured using premium botanical oils.

USE: roll onto wrists, collar bones, the nape of the neck, and behind each ear.

.35 oz / 10 ml

100% plant ingredients

INGREDIENTS: Essential oils of: rose, sandalwood, vanilla, helichrysm, anise, grapefruit