Mirit Weinstock Mizuhiki & Petite Pearls Bracelet - Silver


Mizuhiki & Petite Pearls Bracelet - silver

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Mirit is a conceptual designer from Israel who developed her fashion and design sense in Italy, France and England while collaborating with famous designers like Alexander McQueen and Lanvin while alternating her desire to experiment between clothing and accessories. Drawing her inspiration from childhood memories, classic fashion periods and the natural world, Mirit Weinstock presents an original, dreamy poetic jewelry collection with a touch of humor.

In recent years, Weinstock has developed a keen interest in Japanese culture and traditional crafts, leading her to relocate to Tokyo in 2019, where she is currently enrolled in specialized workshops in Japanese crafts. 

  • Handcrafted originally from Mizuhiki - Japanese paper cord
  • Silver and a string of pearls
  • Handmade in Israel