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KERZON - Scented Sachet - Coquelicot


Designer: Kerzon

SFr. 12.00

Founded by two brothers, Kerzon is a family story enriched with shared memories, adventures and travels as well as lively discussions during family meals. Calling on this olfactory-related memorie, they develop genuine fragrances which remind us of precious moments and places we hold dear. Kerzon reveals reassuring notes of polished wooden floor, salted butter caramel, mint tea and after- noons spent in the garden. Kerzon fragrance line is conceived in Grasse, France from natural notes and a subtle combination of ingredients. 

Harmony between the shimmering colors of a birthday party and the aroma of candy from childhood, “Coquelicot” is a new olfactory journey full of sweetness and poetry. From top notes of peony and blackcurrant, this new scent dedicated to childhood memories is delicate, fragile and youthful at the same time.

Tucked away in a bag, a drawer or a suitcase, Kerzon fragranced polo shirts release their subtle and mesmerizing fragrance over several weeks to gently scent your linen, drawers and precious belongings.

2 scented sachets, 0.07oz

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